Sailing into Wellness

Sailing into Wellness helps people who are recovering from addiction and trying to overcome poor mental health.

Co-founders Colin Healy and James Lyons have a shared belief in the therapeutic value of sailing and the sea. They set up Sailing into Wellness to help break down the barriers that poor mental health and addiction can build.

The Accelerator Programme gave us clarity and helped us develop our structure. This has a direct effect on our potential to achieve significant impact. Our business is more sustainable and we are now set up to scale nationally.
James Lyons, Sailing into Wellness

Sailing into Wellness participants

Sailing has shown me that I can just be in the moment, not in the past or future. I have never seen a sunset as beautiful as I have when sailing. I got to sit with my feelings.
Sailing into Wellness participant, 2018

The Social Enterprise Development Fund gave Sailing into Wellness the resources to create a solid foundation for growth and become a long‑term sustainable organisation. They are expanding rapidly, having increased the number of people they worked with in the second half of 2018 four-fold. In 2019 they expanded beyond Dublin and Cork into Waterford and Limerick, with the objective in 2020 to move into Galway and along the west coast of Ireland.