Freedom From Fear

Will you support Rethink Ireland and the National Women's Council to create a Freedom From Fear Fund?

The stark reality of gender-based violence is that so many live in fear.

  • Since 1996, 256 women have died violently in Ireland.
  • 1 in 4 women in Ireland are in abusive relationships.
  • 800 women were turned away from refuges in 2021.
  • Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, rates of domestic violence and abuse increased.

Together we can create a safer society for all. 

The Freedom From Fear Fund has been created with the aim of addressing the underlying attitudes, norms, and behaviors that produce gender-based violence in Ireland. 

Working to approach the fundamental gaps in our society that lead to women being subjected to violence, the Freedom From Fear Fund will call for applications from education and prevention programmes working with women/girls and men/boys, to transform the harmful gender norms that drive gender-based violence at all levels of society. 

In addition to a preventative approach, this Fund will also focus on protective and supportive measures by supporting projects delivering innovative services for those who have experienced gender-based violence and their families. Increasing survivors’ access to timely and quality services that meet all needs by recognising the diversity of those who are victims/survivors, the Freedom From Fear Fund will work to mitigate the lasting impact of gender-based violence.

Take Action

We are calling on businesses and philanthropists to help support this vital fund.

We are pleased to announce that Deloitte have become Founding Partners of the Freedom From Fear Fund, donating €25,000 to the fundraising appeal. 

In order to reach our fundraising target of €100,000 to get this fund off the ground, we need further support.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Freedom From Fear Fund, please contact us at to find out more and arrange a confidential discussion.