Neha Jauhari

Neha is an Associate Fund Manager at Rethink Ireland.

She was awarded the prestigious Business School Scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Management from Trinity College Dublin. Neha is passionate about creating social change with the focus on global impact projects. Before joining Rethink Ireland, she served as an Equity and Inclusion fellow at Centre for Social Justice and lead the Girl Up Movement under United Nations Foundation, doing her bit of contribution through advocacy, awareness and fundraising for the girls in developing areas of India, Ethiopia, Uganda, Syria and Malawi. She completed a Research Project in areas affected by armed conflict under Harvard University and is trained by the National Institute of Health and Extramural Research, USA.

Neha has co-founded a Social Enterprise in her country of origin India and her vision for the future is to look at business resources as tools to generate quantifiable profits that have an unquantifiable impact on the life of the people and the planet.

Neha likes being introduced to new people and cultures. She has recently developed an interest in cooking and in her free time likes to paint and express herself through colours.