Stephanie Walsh

Stephanie is our Marketing Communications Manager at Rethink Ireland.

Stephanie has a degree in Business Studies and Spanish from Trinity College Dublin and a diploma in International Business Development from University College Cork.

She has experience in private sector, public sector and non-profit marketing, having previously worked as a Senior Account Manager in an advertising agency called Language Communications, managing accounts and large-scale campaigns for clients such as Londis, the Department of Finance, and the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission.

Before that, Stephanie lived in Brisbane and worked as the Australasia Marketing Manager for a global led lighting supplier, called LED Group. Stephanie set up the Marketing Department for the company in Australia and helped the organisation achieve its most profitable marketing campaign ever recorded. 

Stephanie’s first love is chocolate, her second love is tea and together they are a winning combination! Stephanie also enjoys cycling, yoga and has recently taken up the piano again.