Awarded Fund

Sports to Impact Fund 2019

Driving positive transformation in our lives and our communities through sports.

Awardees of the Arts to Impact & Sports to Impact Fund.

The Sports To Impact Fund is made up of 50% private philanthropic funding, self-raised by 3 Awardees. The other half comes from Government, through the Department of Rural and Community Development from the Dormant Accounts Fund.

We believe that when designed and applied deliberately for change, sports can have the potential to be a great equaliser for society, with the power to drive positive transformation in our lives and our communities. Through the Sports to Impact Fund, we are aiming to support the most innovative projects across the country that are using sports as a means to create positive social impact in Ireland.


ExWell Medical

ExWell Medical provides community-based exercise rehabilitation programmes for people with chronic illnesses. The programme, which has been shown to be effective in improving several important health-related outcomes, is transformative for participants and their families. It is based on medical referral, medical oversight, a shared content for all illnesses, an optional life-long relationship with the participant and a vitally important social interaction element.  


Special Olympics Ireland’s ‘Reach Out’ Project aims to enhance the opportunities and access to sport for children and adults with an intellectual disability. Reach Out will provide access to a range of sports in communities by collaborating with National Governing Bodies of Sport, CARA and Local Sports Partnerships. They will also implement their Young Athletes Programme and integrated Healthy Athlete and Athlete Leadership programmes across their 5 regions.


Sailing into Wellness runs educational and therapeutic programmes for at-risk youths and people affected by substance abuse or poor mental health to help them in their recovery. They use sailing and the natural environment to inspire and empower participants, giving them an opportunity to learn about themselves and their peers.