Our Funds

Our social problems are real, so require real investment.

Our goal is to accelerate the social impact of social innovations working in five crucial areas; education, social enterprise, equality, climate justice and health. We provide them with cash grants and business supports to improve their investment readiness and so they can go on to make a real dent in Ireland’s most pressing social issues, often those which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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These funds have been developed to foster and support projects focused on improving access to education for students affected by disability or disadvantage.

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Poor health can threaten access to education, reduce economic opportunity and increase poverty in communities. Rethink Ireland has funded projects addressing mental health support, grief counselling, physical health and access to emergency services.

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Social Enterprise

We aim to support all social enterprises in our programmes to achieve a 20% increase in their traded income during the lifetime of the investment. We want more consumers to buy from social enterprises, contributing to their community, society and circular economy.

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We want marginalised communities to be better equipped to advocate for themselves, contributing to policy change. We need to ensure that civil society is better equipped to tackle the rise of racism and discrimination in Ireland.

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Green Transition

Funds in this area support those social innovations that support people experiencing disadvantage by contributing to a just green transition and by having a positive impact in the areas such as sustainability, climate change education, recycling, the circular economy, green production and waste awareness.

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Covid-19 Response

Through our Innovate Together Fund, we support innovative responses to the Covid-19 crisis that also contribute to a recovery that is sustainable, equal and inclusive.

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