Our Funds

Our social problems are real, so require real investment.

We fund and support social innovations in 4 key areas.

Our Social Innovation Fund: Our fund is what’s called a match fund. That means that every euro we raise from philanthropists, who want to create a better society in Ireland, is matched by a euro from the Irish Government. This extra euro comes from the Dormant Accounts Fund, managed by the Department of Rural and Community Development and, more recently, through the Departments of Employment and Social Protection and Children and Youth Affairs. Cash grants are awarded from this fund to social innovations making proven progress and impact in the following areas.

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Climate Justice

Funds in this area support those social innovations that support people experiencing disadvantage by contributing to a just climate transition and by having a positive impact in the areas such as sustainability, climate change education, recycling, the circular economy, green production and waste awareness.

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These funds have been developed to foster and support projects focused on improving access to education for students affected by disability or disadvantage.

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Economic Empowerment

The purpose of these funds is to support organisations that educate, train or enhance the employment opportunities of those who experience inequality or discrimination.

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Poor health can threaten access to education, reduce economic opportunity and increase poverty in communities. Rethink Ireland has funded projects addressing mental health support, grief counselling, physical health and access to emergency services.

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