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Companies, Trusts and Foundations


AIB has proudly committed to investing €500,000 per annum in FoodCloud over three years (2018 – 2020). This is further supported by financial and non-financial support to the value of €330,000 per annum for three years from Rethink Ireland’s Growth Fund. The Growth Fund invests in established social innovations that have completed a six-month Accelerator Programme and are ready to secure significant growth capital to achieve significant scale and deepen their impact. FoodCloud is the first company to receive investment from the  Rethink Ireland Growth Fund.

The funding is being used to invest in the further development of FoodCloud’s bespoke technology platform, the expansion of FoodCloud Hubs and the development of new services to support the redistribution of surplus food.

Bank of America

Bank of America proudly supports the Mná na hÉireann, Women of Ireland Fund – a €1.8 million fund, delivered over three years: 2020-2023. The fund, which is the first of its kind in Ireland has been established to support charitable and social enterprise organisations that seek to enhance the economic mobility of women, by investing in organisations that provide training, upskilling, education and other services directly to disadvantaged women. Employees from the bank provide mentoring and further tailored training to the successful organisations. 

The Fund aims to help 1,000 women progress along the pathways to employment.

IPB Insurance

IPB Insurance proudly supports the Social Enterprise Development (SED) Fund – a €3.2 million fund delivered over four years; 2018 – 2022. The fund provides critical support to the most innovative and impactful projects proposed by social enterprises, helping them to increase their social impact, increase their traded income, create more jobs and develop long-term, effective and sustainable solutions across Ireland.

Since 2018 the fund has supported 33 social enterprises who, in turn, have provided services to 35,000 people and created 164 jobs.

Mason Hayes & Curran

Mason Hayes & Curran proudly supported the Engage & Educate Fund – a €450,000 fund which was delivered over three years: 2016-2019. The fund supported 13 inspiring projects to empower people through education to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their community

The Engage & Educate Fund Awardees delivered over 2,100 learning interventions such as third level courses, mentoring sessions and work placements to nearly 3,000 students and engaged with over 1,150 volunteers.


Medtronic proudly supported the 2017 Animate Healthy Community Fund. The fund was designed to create a wide‐reaching impact toward a healthier Ireland.

Through the duration of this programme 9 outstanding Awardees provided much-needed services to almost 350 people in underserved and marginalised communities including metastatic cancer patients, Traveller women, elderly people in rural areas, people experiencing homelessness, people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage, and more

State Street

State Street proudly supports our Ability to Work Fund – a €1.5 million fund which is being delivered over three years: 2020-2023. The Ability to Work Fund is designed to support students with disabilities to progress along pathways of employment. 

Our goal is for the fund to reach 500 educationally-disadvantaged students over its three-year lifespan and help 250 to progress to employment.

Cork Chamber

Cork Chamber proudly supports the Sustainable Cork Fund – a €200,000 fund which is being delivered from 2020-2021. The fund sets out to support new initiatives that strengthen Cork’s social, environmental or economic sustainability and residence. The fund is the outcome of a Cork Chamber fundraising drive to raise €100,000 through the support of the Cork business community last year, which has been match funded from the Department of Rural and Community Development Dormant Accounts Fundr.

Tomar Trust

Tomar Trust proudly supported the Resilient Communities Fund – a €500,000 fund which was delivered in 2017-2018. The fund provided grants and support to 5 innovative projects that strengthened community resilience and had an economic, social or environmental impact in Ireland.

The Ireland Funds

Peter Kinney and Lisa Sandquist Foundation & The Ireland Funds

The Peter Kinney and Lisa Sandquist Foundation and the Ireland Funds proudly supported our Equality Fund – a €400,000 Fund which was delivered in 2019. It provided critical support to social innovations aimed at strengthening equality, while supporting some of the most marginalised and vulnerable communities in Ireland.

In the first half of 2019, our 5 Equality Fund Awardees delivered a total of 284 interventions to 269 participants and beneficiaries. These included 220 treatment days, 8 training days and 18 mentoring sessions.

Awardees engaged 18 regular volunteers and recruited two co-ordinators and one therapist to assist in delivering life-changing service outcomes to their marginalised and/or hard-to-reach communities. A total of €148,000 in follow-on funding has been raised by awardees to date.

Innovator’s Circle: Individual Members

  • Brian Caulfield
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  • Bryan Hassett 
  • Maurice Mason
  • John McKeon
  • Gareth Morgan & Jane Uygur
  • Dave Ronayne
  • Frankie Whelehan 
  • Adrian Phelan

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  • Accenture
  • Avolon Aviation
  • Arthur Cox
  • Guggenheim

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  • Ralph and Maureen Parkes


  • Arthur Cox
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  • Maldron Hotel
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  • Wilder Townhouse