One Million Strong

The Journey of a €100 Million Fund

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Rethink Ireland has reached over one million people across Ireland by building a €109 million social innovation fund!

Since 2016, Rethink Ireland has launched 58 funds, providing awards and business supports to 448 social innovations across Ireland. Our venture philanthropy model is based on providing additional business supports, ensuring the innovations we invest in build their organisational capacity to maximise their social impact.

Our commitment to system change has been central to our mission at Rethink Ireland, and it makes us immensely proud that these social innovations have supported more than one million people affected by the critical social issues impacting education, equality, green transition, and health.

In this report we highlight the impact we’ve made, so far, in inspiring and enabling multinational corporations and others to make larger and more impactful contributions to Irish society as we mark the significant milestone of reaching over one million people.

One million people reached, €109 million investment secured, 448 innovations backed

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A special message from Simon Harris,  Taoiseach of Ireland

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