Social Enterprise

At Rethink Ireland we are committed to contributing to Ireland's growing social enterprise sector by supporting social enterprises to scale nationally and increase their traded revenue.

The Future is social

Social enterprises play a pivotal role in the products we buy, the social issues we tackle and the type of society we want to create.

‘The Future is Social’ awareness campaign is aimed at highlighting the innovative social enterprises that are making a huge difference in communities across Ireland. We aim to engage the public to better understand the concept of social enterprise and inspire many more people to support (or set up) social enterprises across Ireland. We believe that Ireland will be a much better place with a booming social economy that is meeting needs and tackling our greatest social issues.

This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund

How we support Irish Social Enterprises

We support social enterprises with funding and business supports via our open funds.

We’re also committed to building a thriving social economy by contributing to the development of the legal, social finance and policy environment.

We believe in working with partners to ensure we signpost social enterprises to the right supports at the right time for their mission.

Resources for Social Enterprises