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Social Enterprise Development Fund 2020

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Backing the social enterprises that are making a positive impact on the social and economic fabric of their community.

Re-thinking Ireland; social enterprises with the potential to change communities across the country, €400,000 awarded by Rethink Ireland to 40 social enterprises Today Rethink Ireland announces the 40 Awardees of their Social Enterprise Development Fund; 16 enterprises will receive cash grants and business support, and a further 24 enterprises will receive strategic support to help expand their impact through a ‘Genesis Programme’. Pictured at the announcement at the Dublin Food Co-Op, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 are Tom Keane, Head of Marketing, Communications & CSE | IPB Insurance, Aoife Hammond, Manager, Dublin Food Co-op and Deirdre Mortell, CEO, Rethink Ireland. Pic: Marc O’Sullivan

The Social Enterprise Development Fund is a €3.2 million Fund being delivered from 2018 – 2022. The fund was created by Rethink Ireland in partnership with Local Authorities Ireland and funded by IPB Insurance and the Department of Rural and Community Development through the Dormant Accounts Fund. IPB Insurance is an Irish-owned general insurance company which protects and supports their local authority members and their communities across Ireland. 

On Monday, October 5th 2020 Rethink Ireland announced the 40 Awardees of their Social Enterprise Development Fund; 16 enterprises will receive cash grants and business support, and a further 24 enterprises will receive strategic support to help expand their impact through a ‘Genesis Programme’. 


Social Enterprise Development Fund Awardees


Amicitia believes that a deep consideration of people, place and planet can revitalise local communities. They work with the inhabitants of rural towns and villages across Ireland, where there are higher levels of consistent poverty, to co-create initiatives which will improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of aged, disabled and socially isolated local residents.


Castlecomer Discovery Park is one of Ireland’s premier adventure parks, set on 80 acres of stunning woodland and lakes. It is home to Ireland’s longest zipwire and a host of other activities from high ropes courses to archery and canoeing. It was set up to develop rural tourism, create jobs and regenerate the town of Castlecomer. It welcomed over 144,000 visitors in 2019 and has so far created 25 full-time equivalent jobs.

Cork Counselling Services

Cork Counselling Services provides counselling and psychotherapy to all members of society, regardless of financial means, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or educational background. Our social enterprise also educates and train students so that they attain professional counselling standards in an applied setting, reflecting best practice and accredited by both IACP and Coventry University


CyberSafeIreland is a not-for-profit that empowers children, parents and teachers to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. Expert guidance, resources and tools are provided to primary schools, children and parents, so they can enjoy all technology delivers whilst also being equipped with the tools to avoid harm. In addition, it advocates for better policies and practice on online safety at the national level and regularly engages with online platforms about how to promote a safer user experience for all.

Dublin Food Co-operative Society Limited

The Dublin Food Co-op is a not-for-profit organisation that addresses the lack of accessible, affordable education on food sustainability and how co-operatives can be organised to sustain their local communities. Operating out of a shop in Kilmainham, it has almost 3,000 members and has created a co-operative environment in which to learn and share together.


EPIC (Enhancing Progress Inspiring Change) is a social business project in Wexford that provides employment for people who want to reclaim their lives after problems with addiction and/or past criminality. The business produces printed promotional materials such as t-shirts, mugs, folders, pens and conference materials, with any profits reinvested into the enterprise.

Grow Remote

Grow Remote is a not-for-profit volunteer group with a mission to enable people to work, live and participate locally by making remote employment both visible and accessible in their community. They provide resources to assist people in obtaining remote work with educational curriculums for community leaders, leadership courses and training.


jumpAgrade is making personalised teaching accessible to all students, addressing the growing educational inequality accelerated by the “grinds culture” in Ireland.
Its online platform and research-backed methods enable them to support second-level students from less fortunate backgrounds and underrepresented groups,
those who would not have been able to access exam preparation and coaching from qualified, expert teachers before.

National Meals on Wheels

The National Meals on Wheels Coordination Unit is implementing a strategic approach to enhancing scale, productivity, training and value for money, in order to make the country’s Meals on Wheels service more sustainable. This comes at a time when the service is both critically important, and critically strained, with an aging, more geographically spread population.


Specialisterne is a social enterprise supporting people with autism and similar challenges to gain employment. It has enabled nearly 300 candidates to find jobs, building a pool of over 30 company/employer partners. Proud of its candidate-centric approach, Specialisterne aims to become the go-to organisation for employers seeking talented neurodiverse people.


Speedpak Group is a manufacturing Social Enterprise that provides real work experience, accredited training, mentoring, tailored interventions and supports to long-term unemployed people. This combination of trading – with customers, quality standards and deadlines – and industry led training is transformative, increasing participants’ employability and job resilience, leading to greater financial independence.

The Textile Studios

The Textile Studio addresses significant difficulties that refugee women or women with experience of the criminal justice system face in gaining employment. Through machine knitting and garment construction, the programme provides women with their first job, workplace training and language and communication skills sufficient to secure mainstream employment or start their own business after two years. The project offers consumers the chance to buy truly ethical products, which seek to challenge stigma and provide life changing opportunities for women and their families.

Together Razem

Together Razem Centre supports those in the Polish and Eastern European migrant community facing problems related to marginalisation, exclusion and isolation in Ireland. The centre offers advocacy, social and legal advice, mental health support and educational programmes for children and adults, enabling the Polish community to be a more cohesive part of the Irish community.

Triest Press

Triest Press provides meaningful employment and training opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. A unique social enterprise that facilitates greater access to employment for people vulnerable to social exclusion, Triest Press cultivates an atmosphere where happy employees understand their talents and approach life with confidence, wonder and a positive sense of self.


Turn2me is a community of fully qualified and accredited mental health professionals working online to provide a safe, anonymous and confidential space to anyone aged 12 plus in Ireland seeking support with their mental health and wellbeing 24/7. Turn2me breaks down the barriers to access by combining innovative, custom-built technology, superb clinical expertise and a deep understanding of the needs, online behaviours and health outcomes of those who are seeking support.

Willow Traders

Longford Women’s Link (LWL) is a dynamic social enterprise linking women together to make their community safe and equal. Using its unique Integrated Service Delivery model, LWL identifies and addresses key inequalities that prevent women achieving full social/ economic potential. Women, their families and the entire community benefit from: A dedicated Women’s Community Education Facility, Domestic Violence & Counselling Services, onsite & mobile childcare facility, Female Entrepreneurship programme and the flagship Women’s Manifesto Programme (women in local democracy) all of which support economic independence for women and families. Services provided to over 1000 women and 160 children in the Midlands, Ireland in 2019 enabled women to access opportunities yielding real benefits for their families. Established as a used furniture and clothing charity enterprise in 2016, LWL Willow Traders operates using a social enterprise model, incorporating the principles of enterprise, education and employment opportunities for the Longford community, underpinned by principles of environmental sustainability. The aim of our programme with Rethink Ireland is to address two key challenges for women and families in rural Ireland – 1. the persistent issues of social exclusion and rural isolation and 2. need for dedicated supports for rural female entrepreneurs. The programme is being managed by Tara Farrell DCEO and Louise Lovett CEO.

Genesis Programme Projects

Agri Kids

AgriKids is a farm safety educational platform for children. It’s ethos is to engage, educate and empower children to be farm safety ambassadors. Through creative and fun resources such as story books, apps and workshops, children can reinforce the message of farm safety within their homes and from their classrooms and in effect create a sustainably safer future on our farms for everyone.


Bréifne Social Housing Association CLG

Bréifne Social Housing Association provides independent living, in the form of a real house and home, to people with intellectual disabilities. Residents are supported and cared for by appropriately qualified, experienced and vetted staff in a safe and sheltered environment.

Clones Development Society Ltd.

Clones Development Society answers the needs of a growing elderly and vulnerable population by delivering a Meals on Wheels service to people over the age of 65. Currently serving the town of Clones, the service is working closely with community nurses, social care workers and local practitioners with a view to extending this vital service to a wider area.

Development Perspectives

Development Perspectives is an independent development education NGO based in Drogheda, Co. Louth that works with partners in Ireland and across the world. The organisation addresses poverty, inequality and climate change through transformative education and active global citizenship.

Embrace FARM

Embrace FARM, the farm accident support network, is a registered charity within the agricultural sector supporting all those affected by farm accidents. It provides information, a listening ear, peer to peer support with practical guidance and sign-posting to those affected by farm accidents. Embrace FARM remembers those who have died throughout the year in its annual remembrance service and gives residential counselling weekends for spouses who have lost a partner and families that have lost a child or sibling. It supports farm accident survivors with support group meetings both face to face and online as well as being an advocate for those facing varied disabilities from life changing injuries following a farm accident.

Forward Steps Family Resource Centre

Forward Steps Family Resource Centre offers family support, information and advice in the Tullow area of County Carlow, with low-cost, confidential counselling, education courses and training. The centre is being pressed to provide therapeutic services in the mental health area for families, with current economic policy and resources meaning longer waiting lists for those most in need.

Graffiti Theatre CLG

Graffiti is a creative centre for children in Cork City. We work with children from birth to 18 years of age, particularly in disadvantaged areas. We engage them creatively through theatre for young audiences, youth theatre, creative writing programmes, in-schools workshops and our innovative Early Years work. Graffiti nurtures children and young people’s creativity, fuels their imagination, builds confidence and fosters mental wellbeing.

Green Sod

Green Sod Ireland is a nationwide Land Trust that aims to protect Ireland’s biodiversity and be part of a future where ecosystems are thriving in abundance for the well-being of present and future generations. We achieve this vision by working to establish Wild Acres (land and its biodiversity in protection) in every county in Ireland: safe havens where species can thrive and flourish and by supporting and promoting the proactive preservation of Nature through Ecological Education .

Helplink Mental Health

Helplink Mental Health provides accessible mental health services locally (West of Irl), nationally and internationally. Mind Hacks, their newest project, provides mental health information (video & Podcast libraries) and education ( workshops and webinars) services 24/7.


Herstory is a cultural movement that tells the stories of women – past, present and future. Founded in 2016, our mission is to give Irish youth and the public authentic female role models and a game-changing education programme, inspiring countries around the world to start their own Herstory movements. Within 4 years, Herstory has become a household name in Ireland.

Huntstown Community Centre

Huntstown Community Centre : Promotes, enables and facilitates inclusive activities which embrace and address the educational, social, cultural and recreational needs of the community in a safe, warm, welcoming and friendly environment.This is needed more now than in 2001, with the ever changing needs of the community and expanding population of the area


Irish Seed Savers

Irish Seed Savers (ISSA) is the primary food seed grower in Ireland, educator and curator of the country’s public seed bank containing over 600 varieties of open pollinated heritage food seeds and the 180 variety heritage apple tree collection.

Food accessibility and security is vital for a secure society. Without seed there is no food.

With a fear of limitations in our food supply, Irish Seed Savers researches, grows, saves and shares food seeds and fruit trees, to maintain a central store for long-term use so individuals, food growers and communities can benefit.

Learn from Leaders

Learn from Leaders is a not-for-profit created to promote and foster compassionate leadership. Their publications teach children six qualities of everyday leaders with stories and insights from 22 inspiring Irish leaders. Learn from Leaders believe we need more conscious and ethical leadership to address the many economic, social, political and environmental challenges we face in this rapidly changing world.

Leitrim Sustainable Communities

Leitrim Sustainable Communities is an initiative of GOOD ENERGIES ALLIANCE IRELAND, an environmental NGO that promotes sustainable development and climate action in rural areas. The project empowers disadvantaged people in these communities to better their wellbeing through activities that enable them to socialise and improve their employability.

Liquid Therapy

Liquid Therapy provides young people with physical, mental, emotional, behavioural and intellectual needs from rural areas with the opportunity to take part in ocean and surf-based activities. All dedicated ocean lovers, Liquid Therapy believes everyone should be able to benefit from the therapeutic experience that is the ocean and reach their aquatic potential.

Mother Tongues

Mother Tongues is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates linguistic diversity and promotes multilingualism in Ireland. Working with schools, families, community groups and artists, they support mother tongue maintenance and heritage language transmission through advocacy, art, academic research, and education. They provide teacher training in linguistic diversity and multilingual parental supports.

Moy Innovations CLG

Moy Innovations provides employment and work experience to unfairly disadvantaged members of the Ballina community in Mayo. With many employers reluctant to hire people from ethnic minorities, with disabilities or mental health issues, the project seeks to level the employment balance and give these valuable, often vulnerable members of society an opportunity.

Progression Community Hub

The Progression Community Hub supports men and women in recovery from addiction to access work, education, and integrate back into community life following treatment. Through its programmes men and women in recovery from addiction benefit from meaningful work experience, skills development, accredited training and a work readiness programme that makes them feel valued, safe and supported in their recovery.

Property Marking Ireland

Property Marking Ireland is a community-led crime prevention programme. It helps to combat property theft on the island of Ireland and reduce the fear it generates in the community and amongst older and more vulnerable populations in particular. As part of the programme, individual property items are etched with the owner’s Eircode. This marking is difficult to remove and makes the marked items less attractive to criminals.


Selfless provides free media content, such as videos, photos and graphics, to worthy Irish non-profits so they can be shared online to help re-establish public confidence in Irish charities and non-profit organisations. Selfless also produces media content for SMEs, allowing them to pay what they want and with 10% of the cost associated donated to a charity of the SME’s choice.


SiSi – survivors eliminating intimate abuse together. Bringing survivors out of isolation to use their collective experiences to create a powerful voice for change. Working collaboratively to raise awareness and foster women into leadership roles at local and national level. SiSi puts abuse survivors and their ideas at the heart of policy and cultural change to eliminate violence against women.


SparkAbility provides a welcoming environment to children and teens with sensory processing and communication differences. With mainstream after-school activities like sports clubs and dance classes inadequate to address the complex needs of neurodiverse young people, SparkAbility offers a community social outlet they can enjoy with their family and peers.

Spraoi Glas

Spraoi Glas is a community garden, farm and tea & craft shop in Dromore West, County Sligo that addresses social isolation and promotes health through the Grow-It-Yourself movement. To involve people marginalised, such as people with disabilities, young, old and non-nationals, to build our community through new lifelong friendships, develop skills, grow their own food, keep active and healthier out in nature, which will benefit the local community as this will be a project all can be part of, to be proud of, look out for each other in the community and be a healthy happy environment for people to prosper.


Stampify is a digital loyalty card for charity that allows users to swap loyalty stamps for meal donations. You can use the Stampify app to collect stamps at any of their partner businesses with every purchase, for every stamp you collect the business will donate two meals to children in their place of education in the developing world.