‘Future Focused and Community Led’ – the non-profits in Munster to be funded by Rethink Ireland

Nine Munster organisations announced for first Rethink Ireland sustainability-focused fund of over €760K

Deirdre Mortell, CEO, Rethink Ireland, pictured (centre), with Mick Guinee, CEO, Ei Electronics (right from centre), with awardees: Therese Myslinski, Education for Sustainability; Ciara Parsons, Common Knowledge; Aoibhie McCarthy, Sample-Studios; John Walsh, Ballyhoura Rural Services; Norbert Nkengurutse, International Community Dynamics; Manuela Hartlep, The Gaff Limerick; Sarah Broderick, Hometree; James Blake, Learning Hub Limerick, and Annemarie Sheehan, Sanctuary Runners, at the Rethink Ireland, Impact Fund for Munster 2023 awards presentation, hosted by EI Electronics. Picture: Michael O'Sullivan /OSM PHOTO

Rethink Ireland, in partnership with EI Electronics, has today announced nine future-focused and community-led non-profits for the Impact Fund for Munster 2023.

The nine organisations have been awarded under this first green transition-focused fund. Over six months, these organisations will receive a package of cash grants and business support totalling €762,375. The aim of this funding is to help the awardees expand and increase their social impact.

The projects and awardee non-profit organisations include Citadel, International Community Dynamics; Common Ground, Common Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Living; Doon Social Farm, Ballyhoura Rural Services; Education for Sustainability; Hometree Inclusion Project, Hometree; Learning Hub Limerick; Paint Punch Project, The Gaff Limerick; Sanctuary Runners; and Studios for Sanctuary, Sample-Studios.

Now in its second year, the Impact Fund for Munster supports the sustainable development of Munster communities through funding social and/or environmental innovations that shape a more sustainable future for all. 

This fund was open to organisations operating projects that fell under one of two categories: Climate Action and Environmental Awareness i.e. increasing sustainability, climate change education, increasing efforts in recycling, the circular economy, green production and waste awareness and/or; Community Inclusion and Cohesion i.e. generating a positive sense of belonging, particularly for marginalised groups.

Speaking on the awardee announcement, Hannah Cousins, Head of Green Transition at Rethink Ireland, said: “Rethink Ireland’s Impact Fund For Munster 2023 awardees are true illustrations of future-focused, community-led organisations who are playing their part in the Green Transition. We are inspired to work with them as they engage communities to identify and implement their own green solutions. By partnering with donor organisations – in this case, EI Electronics, Sunflower Charitable Foundation, Tomar Trust, the Parkes Family and the Department of Rural and Community Development – we are mobilising a huge community that is truly rethinking Ireland.

The work being done by these awardee organisations, made real through donor and Government  funding, is a reminder that the green transition is not about removing ways of life, but rather creating new ways of life that facilitate greater connection with the earth and with each other.”

Mick Guinee, CEO of EI Electronics, also added: “Being a part of rethinking Ireland with a focus on our local community, is something that’s incredibly important to us on the ground here at EI Electronics. We want to play a role in meeting our communities’ needs here in Munster. That’s why we partner with Rethink Ireland. Impact Fund for Munster is a determinedly progressive initiative. It will undoubtedly continue to enhance the lives of people living within Munster and further contribute to the steady growth of support for projects that help communities embrace the green transition.”

Impact Fund for Munster is set up in partnership with several donors in the Munster region, including EI Electronics, Sunflower Charitable Foundation, Tomar Trust, the Parkes Family and the Department of Rural and Community Development through the Dormant Accounts Fund. Rethink Ireland calls on Munster families and companies to come together and be part of the next Impact Fund for Munster.