Dr Paul Deane

Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Clean Energy Futures at University College Cork and is dedicated to the role that fairness and equity play in our lives.

His research looks at how society can move away from polluting fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources and spans renewables, electricity, energy modelling, climate and energy policy.

Dr Deane has worked in Ireland and abroad as an advisor to governments, companies and communities interested in safer and cleaner energy.

Internationally, he is one of the most widely-cited academics in his research field and provides scientific and technical assistance to research projects around the world.

Commenting on his appointment to Rethink Ireland’s board, he said: “I have always admired Rethink Ireland’s focus on supporting people with great ideas to make Ireland a better place, but also how they put fairness and justice at the heart of this process.

A society that is inclusive and equal is naturally safer, cleaner, and more sustainable. It is a privilege for me today to join the board at Rethink Ireland and I look forward to going on this journey with them to make a better Ireland for individuals, families and communities across our beautiful island.”

Paul lives with his two kids in West Cork and is a self-professed science and history nerd who loves mountain running.