Niamh Moriarty

Niamh is a Social Impact Analyst at Rethink Ireland.

Originally from Kerry, Niamh is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin with a BA in PPES (Joint Hons, Political Science and Sociology), with a research interest in social and economic inequality as they relate to legal, political, economic, and social institutions.

Niamh is passionate about mental health literacy & accessibility and political activism. Prior to joining Rethink Ireland, Niamh worked as an analyst for a non-profit consultancy firm, where she helped to design and deliver strategic fundraising plans for a variety of organisations across the sector, as well as
working as a Research Assistant for Science Gallery Dublin, where they assisted on three EU Horizon2020 projects.

In their spare time, Niamh enjoys playing guitar, going for hikes, and learning new recipes to
add to an ever-expanding culinary repertoire.