Tech2Students is a collaboration between Trinity Access Project and Camara Education to bridge the digital divide for students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Interview with Dr Cliona Hannon and Marianne Checkley, Co-Founders

What motivated you to set up Tech2Students?

The impact of Covid-19 highlighted the digital divide between students and schools nationwide. Tech2Students addresses this divide by raising funds and accepts device donations to get repurposed devices out to students who need them.

What impact has Rethink Ireland had on Tech2Students?

Without the aid of Rethink Ireland Tech2Students would not have been able to reach students in the 26 counties of Ireland. Funding from Rethink Ireland allowed us to put a full-time project team in place to manage the nationwide expansion of the project.

What advice would you give to budding social innovators?

There is a solution to every problem – all you need is the right team, motivation and discipline, vision, networks and timing.

The laptop is amazing – it’s so much easier than working on my phone. My hands don’t hurt anymore. Thank you to everyone at Tech2Students! – Quote from student

What is your best experience with Tech2Students?

A few months ago a teacher contacted us about a student she was concerned about. The student had a learning disability and had not been attending online classes or submitting any coursework. When the teacher received devices from us, the student had tears in their eyes when they received it.

They were was the first in class the following morning and every other morning after that. They completed their coursework, caught up, and even asked for extra coursework. They went on to use the device to apply to college via the CAO and are currently studying in third-level education.

Without that device, without Tech2Students and without that funding from Rethink Ireland, this never would have happened for this student. It completely altered the course of their life

One act of donating a device can change a person’s world. This simple act of giving away an old or unused laptop can open up a world of opportunity – allowing them to continue on with school and create the future they want for themselves – Quote from teacher